Reduce Your Stress Fast!

We all need a spa day after a long week. Not only is it beneficial for our body, but it’s also ideal for our mental health. No, you don’t need a spa day or a weekend getaway to attain relaxation. We know that there are some things that you can do at home to relieve yourself from […]

You Might be Overcleansing Your Skin!

Sometimes our skin can be impossible to deal with specially when we’re suffering from unwanted blemishes. You’re probably using the best products in the market to no avail. Did you know that you can simply be overcleansing your skin? Truth be told, if you’re seeing more breakouts than clear ups, it’s time to change your […]

Layering Your Skin Care Products

Experts say that makeup users should apply their cosmetics in a type of sequence to receive the best benefits of every products. For example, there are a variety of moisturizers that has water in them, and when they are applied over sunscreen, it’s possible that you could wear down the sunscreen by diluting it. With […]

What Type of Skin Do You Have?

There are a variety of skin types out there, but about five of them constitutes the majority. Skin types vary heavily on diet, genes, stress levels, medication, hormonal fluctuation and skin care routine. All of these factors determine how much oil is produced to the skin that heavily fluctuates from super oily to normal. To […]

Why Exercise is Great for the Skin

We all know that exercising is great for the lungs, heart, and mental health. The three mentioned above gives people a reason to exercise more often, but what if we said that there’s another reason that makes exercising worthwhile? You might be wondering what we’re talking about, and believe us, it’s good news! Exercising is actually […]

Foods That Are Terrible for Your Skin

The saying, “you are what you eat” hits close to home on today’s entry as your skin is the reflection of your body. When your complexion is smooth, it is safe to say that you are feeding it healthy food. Alternatively, when your diet is poor, it tends to show up on your skin. Experts […]

Unusual Skin Care Tricks That Actually Works!

You’ve heard of all the conventional skin care products under the sun, and while some of them worked well for you, you’re itching for something that is quite unusual. We understand that feeling of breaking traditions because we’re all about trying new things. So, whether you’re here out of curiosity or you simply want to try […]

Benefits From a Facial

One of the misunderstood treatments in the women’s regimen is the facial. Many of them get it but they don’t necessarily understand what it’s for. Sure, they leave the skin feeling smooth and healthy, but beyond that reason is nothing but a big question mark left to be unanswered. A facial is not only a […]

Types of Acne – AGORA Skin Care

When you hear someone say that they have an acne problem, you immediately think of a general breakout. But did you know that there are different types of acne out there? It’s bad enough that some people suffer from such a thing, but knowing what type of acne you have may help you with your […]

Sneaky Things That Can Make You Break Out – Skin Care Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered why you’re breaking out so much? You have all the skin care Las Vegas products that you need, but nothing seems to work. You’re starting to lose hope as you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun, but the acne just keeps coming back. Those pests that you want to […]

Age Defying Food for Skincare

While there’s no magic formula to stop aging, there are some food that can help you age gracefully. Food that is high in antioxidants helps people with how they feel about themselves. Whereas junk food can take a toll on the overall performance of the body. Food can ultimately make or break people when it […]

Skin Care to Live By According to Vloggers

There are beauty vloggers that are hailed online for their number of subscribers on Youtube, Vine, Instagram and many other social media platforms. While they tell us countless of tips, some of them are just meant to be broken, but SOME are also meant to stick to. Carly Cristmas, a beauty vblogger with an accumulating […]

Your Must Have Skincare Routine

Our face accumulates many dusts and microbes all throughout the day. It’s no wonder some people suffer from acne or sporadic pimples. It’s not a pretty sight to see, and many women try to hide it as much as possible by slathering concealers, foundations and anything that could ultimately disguise their unwanted imperfection. But wouldn’t […]