Advanced Bio-Syringe

Hydrate beautifully and help boost collagen for smoother, more healthy skin.




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The Advanced Bio-Syringe by Cellexir is a premium Non Surgical Syringe designed especially for AGORA Cosmetics Products to help you apply the exact amount of creams and serums with the precision of surgical syringe.

Discover The Secret Of Cellexir Platinum, a luxurious skincare line based on revolutionary breakthrough anti-aging biotechnologies and premium natural extracts. feel the effect of daily renewal and beautiful rejuvenation as the active ingredients deliver an optimal and visible lifting effect.

Use the exquisite Advanced Bio-Syringe to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This unique solution is infused with derivatives of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, to help achieve a smoother, more glowing look.

Directions for Use: Apply a drop of the solution to a dry and clean face, directly onto wrinkles. Gently tap excess product until fully absorbed. Do not go beyond the wrinkle line.