Have you ever wondered why you’re breaking out so much? You have all the skin care Las Vegas products that you need, but nothing seems to work. You’re starting to lose hope as you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun, but the acne just keeps coming back. Those pests that you want to go away just can’t seem to leave you alone. But did you know that there are sneaky little things that you do that could be causing your acne to just pop up? The following are just some things that could make you break out. 


They are so delicious, and they give us the boosted energy that we need throughout the day, but did you know that coffee can raise the acidity that distracts the pH balance which ultimately irritates and inflames the skin. As an alternative, try drinking tea or more water and avoid as much caffeine as possible.


When you eat too much carbs such as bread, pasta, and sugar your body produces more oil that it should because it is sebum. So every time you eat too much carbs you’re adding oil to your face which is highly the reason why you get break outs. So the next time you’re craving sweets, try eating fruits, and keep a balance diet that why you’ll hardly get cravings. Also drink plenty of water.

Vitamin D Deficiency

When you’re not getting enough vitamin D, your immune system could get weakened. Without your body’s natural defense to threat, bad bacteria can invade the skin causing you acne. So, don’t forget to get some sun for a few minutes everyday!


Are you consistently on talking on the phone? While it’s consistently attached to your ear, you could be doing more things than just talking on the phone such as spreading germs around the skin. Your hands touch your cell phone all day which means that it’s attracting all the dirt, germs, bacteria and everything else around you. The simple solution to this, always keep your phone. Have moist towelettes ready with you at all times.
Skin care Las Vegas is so important for our everyday lives specially for women who just wants that flawless skin. So, make sure to always be cautious of what habits, and see which items could be causing you to break out. In many cases, there’s always that one culprit that you can get rid of!