We all know that exercising is great for the lungs, heart, and mental health. The three mentioned above gives people a reason to exercise more often, but what if we said that there’s another reason that makes exercising worthwhile? You might be wondering what we’re talking about, and believe us, it’s good news! Exercising is actually great for the skin. Who knew, right?

When we think of exercising, we immediately think of heart healthy benefits, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. In fact, a healthy skin relies on exercises because it promotes a good overall circulation which helps by making the skin looking vibrant and fresh.

Nevertheless, there are precautions to working out. If you’re suffering from rosacea, acne or psoriasis, you may have to protect your skin. While this doesn’t sound like good news already, there are special ways for you to take care of the skin. Truly, this should not be a reason for you to stop working out in general. Why?
When there is an increase in blood flow, your skin cells are nourished. You see, your blood cells carry important components like nutrients and oxygen, and they deliver them to working cells all over the body including the skin. Additionally, the increased blood flow carries away waste products such as free radicals that are working against the body. Contrary to what people think, exercising is not a form of detoxifying. This is solely the liver’s job to neutralize the toxins. However, increasing the body’s blood flow helps by flushing out cellular debris away from the system.

In addition to increased blood flow, exercise also helps by easing emotional stress. When stress is decreased, it can actually reduce the amount of acne breakout and eczema. There are still extensive research that needs to be done regarding the link between stress and skin. However, it is safe to say that studies have found that the sebaceous glands are ultimately influenced by hormones that causes stress.