Sometimes our skin can be impossible to deal with specially when we’re suffering from unwanted blemishes. You’re probably using the best products in the market to no avail. Did you know that you can simply be overcleansing your skin? Truth be told, if you’re seeing more breakouts than clear ups, it’s time to change your skin care routine.

Are You Overcleansing?

Our skin is our natural barrier from free radicals, dirt, allergens, and pollution. This means that it uses components like naturally occurring oils as a moisturizer. When you overcleanse your skin, you deprive it from keeping itself balanced and healthy.

We’re not trying to suggest that you should stop washing your face! In fact, we want you to wash it daily. This cleans out all the impurities that has been clogging up your pores. However, take the time to notice if you’re washing it too long. Does your face tend to feel tight after washing it? If so, you’re doing it wrong!

We suggest to shy away from cleansers that includes alcohol because these products simply strip away the essential oils from your skin. Because there are different types of skins, knowing what type of products work for you is ideal. Test as many products as you can to see their effect.

Effects of Overcleansing

  1. If you have adult acne, this could be a sign of overcleansing. When you clean your skin about twice a day, it can trigger your skin to send more oil than it really should.
  2. Seborrheic dermatitis is when you’re experiencing red flaky scales around the t-zone and scalp.
  3. Some products can simply irritate the skin causing you to have rashes.