• Both my husband and I were looking for new products where change could actually be seen. We met Gal on a recent trip to Las Vegas and were very impressed with his knowledge and genuine passion for his products. He had us try every product and explained each one’s features. We felt absolutely no pr... Read More
  • I just met Gal today and he took his time in explaining every product. He gave me a mini facial and I look as if he actually gave me a face lift. I had sun damage on my forehead and it’s almost gone. With these products during time it will be completely gone. I have enough product for a year and w... Read More
  • This was a very pleasant shopping experience and results were seen in seconds. I had never felt so cared for and pampered. products are amazing!!! My skin feels young and refreshed again. Plus everyone needs to meet Michael at this store He is caring and wants to look out for your beauty needs. Ve... Read More
  • I wanted very much to have these products but being retired and on a fixed income, it just isn’t possible for me. After ordering, I did have to cancel and the staff was wonderful in working with me and contacting their supervisor so this could happened without any hassle. I feel these are wonderf... Read More
  • I am a sporty, wash-and-wear gal. I haven’t done much with my skin and for 55 I’m pretty lucky. But I decided to up my skin care and am so glad I did! The quality of products are amazing - and this is coming from someone who zones out when in a makeup store. It’s a great product and works so w... Read More