While there’s no magic formula to stop aging, there are some food that can help you age gracefully. Food that is high in antioxidants helps people with how they feel about themselves. Whereas junk food can take a toll on the overall performance of the body. Food can ultimately make or break people when it comes to their health and skincare. So, here are just few power food that will help you age beautifully!


Not only will your skin thank you for this power food, but your heart, brain, and eyes as well. This seafood is packed with so much essential oils like omega-3. Eating this food at least one to two servings a week will help you on your way to beautiful skin.


You might be scratching your head on this one because we all know that this isn’t food, but water is so important for our health! When you’re consistently hydrated, you can protect your skin from damaging itself. Also, it effortlessly removes those unwanted toxins!


These power fruits are very hydrating, and also perfect for skincare. They are packed with polyphenols that attacks free radicals. Moreover, people use pomegranate as a method to moisturizing their skin by applying it to their skin. So, whether you’re drinking, eating or applying them, they are great for skincare!


When your blood sugar is high, the body produces more androgen which are hormones that can contribute to wrinkled skin. So, eating oatmeal (the less processed, the better), takes a while to break down and can stabilize your blood sugar.


This one is very fitting for this season, as fall is in place. Carotenoids which is the reason for pumpkin’s color, prevents wrinkles by offsetting free radicals. When combined with the right enzymes, vitamins E, C, and A found in pumpkin are natural skincare regulators.