You’ve heard of all the conventional skin care products under the sun, and while some of them worked well for you, you’re itching for something that is quite unusual. We understand that feeling of breaking traditions because we’re all about trying new things. So, whether you’re here out of curiosity or you simply want to try something new, these usual skin care tricks may do you some good!

Coconut Oil

So, you ran out of makeup remover. Fear not! Coconut oil is perfect for easily removing your make up, and guess what? It’s great for the skin too. Take note that when you use coconut oil, always apply it gently on the skin especially around the eyes.


When you’re emotionally and physically stressed, your body tends to react with a breakout. Get rid of stress with a simple ten minute yoga break! Once a day is all you need to ward off the unwanted stress.

Natural Astringent

Have you ever used astringent on your skin just to end up feeling absolutely dry afterwards? We feel your pain. Use a natural astringent instead! Brew a cup of black tea and then refrigerate it until it is cold. When you’re ready splash it on your face, and let it air dry. It’ll soon remove your oily skin when it is used regularly.

Diaper Rash Cream

Those overnight rash and breakouts are never a fun way to wake up to. When this happens, use diaper rash cream on the affected area, and you’ll see the results almost instantaneously.

A Natural Mixture

There are so many toxins around us that we can’t always avoid being in contact with them. Even toxins in our food is unavoidable. To get rid of the toxins in the body, use a natural mixture of sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda in a warm bath. Let your skin soak in this relaxing mixture for about twenty minutes. You’ll feel clean in no time.