We all need a spa day after a long week. Not only is it beneficial for our body, but it’s also ideal for our mental health. No, you don’t need a spa day or a weekend getaway to attain relaxation. We know that there are some things that you can do at home to relieve yourself from stress, and we’ve come up with some ideas to help you on your way to quickly get rid of that stress. So what are four tips that we have to relieve stress?

Stress Relieving Tips


Voicing yourself out to others is one way to relieve the stress. Lucky for us, there are many forms of communication whether that is in the form of email, telephone, text message, social network or face to face. Doing this gives a fresh outlook on your situation and keeps your connections strong.

Negative Ions

It’s been proven that negative ions may relieve stress when you’re exposed to them. While many people say that negative ions are mostly found near rushes of waters like fountains and oceans, there are many ways you can get yourself exposed to them. One technology that has been an amazing breakthrough are negative ion bracelets and other items like Himalayan Salt lamps.


When was the last time you genuinely laughed about something to the point that your belly is aching? Get a good laugh on things to lighten up your mood. Watch your funny movies or attend a local stand-up comedy show.


Find ways to get your heart rate up! This doesn’t mean that you have  to run a marathon or get really fit to attain stress-relief. We’re talking about going for a walk, or doing some light yoga. Small activities like these help the brain by releasing hormones that combats stress.