Skincare, how well do you know it? And what to look for.

We all see these infomercials and ad’s believing they are the best of the best and we should buy them because they use those few choice gotcha words, SPF, Anti-Aging, oil-free, all natural. But are they?
What makes good skincare, good? And how do we buy the right one?

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Here a few tips for your next skincare purchase:

Anti-aging- Look for “Alpha Lipoic Acid” this particular acid is the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Two things you need to help fight the aging process. ALA can also be referred to as “the universal antioxidant” in both fat and water soluble, which means the antioxidant is able to dissolve within the body. 400x stronger and more powerful than Vitamin c and E combined! Pretty impressive.

Firmer Skin, with instant results- Look for DMAE(dimethylaminoethanol), anti-inflammatory and membrane stabilizer. This is your new found miracle! No need for waiting a few months, the results are almost instant. Which is awesome for puffiness around the eyes and those late nights with early rises. Some have even used products with this ingredient on the back of their thighs and legs for cellulite. DMAE aids in the appearance of fine lines and deep lines are reduced with a result of radiance and evenness with both skin tone and color.

Protection- SPF 15 or higher is recommended in all skincare and beauty products for your face and body. The sun is a beautiful radiant beauty, but if your skin is not protected, it can be harmful. So when you purchase any products, look for a good amount of SPF and one that also protects against UVB rays. The best way to help the aging process is prevention and protection.

Whether you are looking to spend $$$$ or $ on your next skincare purchase, make sure whatever you decide on, it’s worth the buck.
Take your time, research, and read the ingredients.