Over time, our teeth discolor due to drinking, eating, and aging. Now, many women have asked if there’s a way to whiten the teeth naturally. The answer to that question is, yes!

Coconut Oil Swishing

Today, we’re going over coconut oil pulling which requires a quarter of sloshing every day. That’s right, a daily swish of coconut oil keeps the teeth looking whiter. As many consumers are discovering this ancient practice, they’re raising the question to us. Does it really work?

A Tradition Practiced

Let’s go back to 2,500 years where the tradition was practiced in India. Oil pulling or oil swishing tends to the sweeten the breath while it contributes to other health factors such as prevention of asthma, improvement of arthritis, prevents tooth decay and treats gum disease.

The idea lies behind the concept of Ayurveda, and they believe that the oil nourishes the body tissues. In Ayurveda, they oil every part of the body as it was believed to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions.

What Experts Say

Now, the core question is, do experts believe that it makes the teeth whiter? It’s inconclusive as it needs more studies. Now, the downside about this is that it makes people a little nauseous after swish. Experts suggest swishing the oil for only 5 minutes a day instead of 20 which is what many people practice. Additionally, a tablespoon of oil is good enough to start seeing optimal results.

Moreover, oil swishing is safe, but we still recommend that people should do it under expert supervision. It might be best to get a personalized “prescription” of what of the oil type that best fits their physical make-up.