Hair-removal is a must during the summer season as women jump into their swimsuit! Still, what is their go-to hair-removal? Is it shaving or waxing? While the two are popular options, both have different setbacks, and we’ll cover them here!

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Waxing – If you’re taking certain medication or you have medical conditions, waxing may complicate your issue by making your skin scabby and dry.

Shaving – People vary in circumstances. While some might experience severe irritation, others might not feel anything at all. Still, keep in mind that shaving cream/gel applications might trigger allergies that could irritate or dry out the skin.


Waxing – The duration for this hair removal can take up to an hour. The speed depends on how deep you want to go around the bikini line and the area of hair removal.

Shaving – Unlike waxing, shaving is a very quick fix. If your hair is very long, trim it with scissors to prevent your blade from dulling out. We highly suggest being careful with this process to avoid cutting yourself.


Waxing – Waxing kits can cost from $25-$100. For regular bikini waxes, expect to shell out $19-$75. A Brazilian wax may be around $100, and that doesn’t include State taxes and gratuity.

Shaving – You can easily get rid of your bikini hairline with just a few cents. Because this is so cost efficient, invest in good razors and shaving creams for quality assurance.


Waxing – “Shadows” are not present on the skin when you opt for this solution. Also, the results can last up to six weeks given that all the roots are successfully removed.

Shaving – Razor burns, ingrown hairs are possible when you opt to shave. Additionally, hair may grow on the same day causing “shadows” to appear.