We’ve always wondered how celebrities manage to have flawless skin. Beyond expensive dermatologists and holistic skin care regimen, there are beauty secrets that celebrities follow that are strange, but entertaining. It was so interesting that we might just try some of them just for the giggles!

Beer, Hair and Catherine Zeta-Jones

If you want lovely looking locks like Catherine, you may want to douse it in beer. She swears by it because alcohol removes the buildup that’s sitting on the surface of the hair. Her routine is to shampoo, dry, and massage a cup of beer in the strands. Cover the hair with a plastic wrap and let the magic work for you.

Miranda Kerr and Her Lip Balm

Want your eyes to shimmer? Use your lip balm around the eyes.  She says that using lipgloss will clog up the pores so stick to natural products. How to use it? Dab a few spots on the inner corners of the eyes, and you’re ready to go.

Snooki Exfoliating with Kitty Litter

Uhm… Wait, what? She exfoliates her skin with kitty litter, but experts have another suggestion. Instead, they want you to try baking soda with a mixture of water or your favorite cleanser. It works without the irritation.

Tape on Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga removes her makeup using tape. Yikes! Experts say that you can use this trick, but with caution! If you’re prone to redness, you might want to skip this and stick to makeup remover instead.

Denise Richards Using Avocados

When you want to avoid harsh chemicals that go along with conditioners, opt for avocado. It’s effective especially with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Of course, avoid the scalp because it’ll make the hair look super oily.