Why should you pay close attention to your skin care routine over the holidays? One dermatologist says that the holidays is filled with sugary treats, cocktails, limited sleep and freezing temperatures. Apply all these combinations, and you’re heading towards a skin war zone.

We’re not just talking about acne. In fact, over the holidays you may experience dry skin, eczema, and cold sores. These are all due to the grating elements that your skin is exposed to. So what do you do? The following are some skin care tips to avoid the havoc.

Dry Skin

When you’re pampering your skin, it prevents puffy, dry skin. If you haven’t paid attention your skin, try using cleansers that are fragrance-free. Diets that are heavy on cocktails and salt can cause your skin to appear bloated. To prevent this from happening, avoid them as much as possible. Moderation and hydration are keys to healthy skin.


Achieving a blemish-free skin can is possible with a few tricks. Of course, eating sweets and drinking cocktails are okay, but with moderation. When you have too much, it can cause a negative consequence. To avoid acne, drink a whole lot of water and get plenty of rest. If a pimple emerges, treat it with a salicylic treatment to get rid of the problem quickly. Do not pick the blemish to avoid scarring.


Sometimes, you just can’t prevent them from happening. If this is the case, use an oral antihistamine such as fexofenadine or loratadine to lessen the issue. If your skin isn’t getting any better, consult with a dermatologist.

 Cold Sores

Things that could trigger a cold sore are sleep deficiency, change in polar temperatures and stress. For those who suffer from this, the virus lies dormant in the body. Stress can trigger this virus to overdrive. One thing that you can do to prevent this is by taking a prescribed medicine. If you already have the cold sore, treat the area with a cleanser and apply moisture to calm it down.