Back then, women used to dedicate themselves in a specific skin care regimen that worked for them. It was as easy as washing, moisturizing and then the application of makeup. Now, products for skin care has evolved with products good for toning, cleaning, clearing blemishes, plumping lips, lifting eyelids and smoothing wrinkles. Additionally, solutions are available from aestheticians and dermatologists.

20s Skin Care

If you want healthy skin in the future, don’t tan and smoke. Also, keep a steady weight. Always use SPF 30 sunscreen everyday; focus on your facial area, neck, chest, arms and legs. Anything beyond that is the time to enjoy your youth! If you’re experiencing breakouts, this is the best time to talk to your dermatologist for a solution.

30s Skin Care

Unless you have incredible genes, you will experience the start of wrinkles and fine lines. Your skin’s elasticity will start to decrease and you’ll see dark spots and redness. You’ll want alpha hydroxy acid and/or retinoid in your skin care routine which reverses some damage.

40s Skin Care

Sagging is imminent at this stage as loss of skin elasticity and collagen will start to show. At this point, you want to get plenty of rest to give your skin a chance to repair itself. Add a few more products to your skin care with age-fighting arsenal. Exfoliation is also helpful around your 40s.

50s And Beyond Skin Care

Skin tags, peach fuzz, and brown spots may have started to appear, but there’s a solution for them! With the help of fillers and Botox, you can lift droopy skin to give it a renewed appearance.