Age Defying Cinderella Cream

Hydrate beautifully and help boost collagen for smoother, more healthy skin.


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Discover The Secret Of Cellexir, a luxurious skin care line based on revolutionary breakthrough anti aging biotechnologies and premium natural extracts. feel the effect of daily renewal and beautiful rejuvenation as the active ingredients deliver an optimal and visible lifting effect.

Age Defying Cinderella Cream by Cellexir is a premium anti aging Cream based on a superb blend of innovative ingredients known to effectively beautify skin appearance. Based on Crocus Chrysanthus Bulb, Dermcom extract delivers Cell2Cell Communication for skin repair, an innovative new approach to target skin aging.

Winner of 4 international prizes for innovation and best ingredients, Demcom blends with and Tripeptide 5 in the anti aging serum Formula to renew skin resilience and firmness, restore elasticity, and smooth the signs of aging, leaving the skin looking radiant and with a youthfully revived texture.