If you have looked around lately in stores or on the Internet for skin cleansing toners, you might be curious what they can do for your skin. You also might be wondering how to find the right cleansing toner for your skin?

What is Cleansing Toner?

Toners are products that you use after washing your face in order to give your skin an extra boost. They primarily moisturize and soothe your skin. Cleansing toners also give your skin an extra cleansing to help it stay fresh and healthy.

You should know that what your cleansing toner does for your skin depends on the type of product you purchase. For example, if your skin requires additional support after you use regular face wash, toner can help. Toner can be an important step toward achieving skin repair for many different skin types.

How to Select the Best Cleansing Toner for Your Skin

Before you even go about searching for a cleansing toner, you should know your skin type. For instance, if you have dry, oily, and combination skin;  you would be well off to select a product with the right level and type of moisture based on your skin type. 

We do recommend that as you do look for a cleansing toner you avoid products that have alcohol, which can severely dry out your skin.

Some of the main ingredients that you should look in a cleansing toner are the following:


These ingredients supplement the moisture in your skin so it can maintain adequate hydration. You might also look for toners that contain exfoliating properties, as they are well suited for treating dry skin.

You ultimately need to look for a toner that will answer the following questions:

  1.  Is it formulated for your skin type?
  2. Will it offer additional benefits for skincare concerns like ageing or spots?

Matching Skin Type with Cleansing Toner

A vast majority of skin types are primarily either dry or oily. If you are fortunate, your complexion might be average, and not all in either extreme of too oily or too dry.

You likely experience different levels of oily and dry skin in various areas on your skin. This translates into spot-applying different skincare products.

When it comes to cleansing toner, you should choose one or more products to address each skin type on your face.

Dry skin responds better to an exfoliating or pH-balancing toner.

Normal and oily skin is best treated with a hydrating toner.

Matching Cleansing Toner with Major Skin Concerns

The best approach to selecting the right toner is matching your skin concerns to every product you integrate. With respect to toners, consider this:

Whether your skin trouble areas are temporary or chronic, you should adjust your toner choice accordingly.

If you have particularly oily skin, you would do well to choose a toner that prevents acne breakouts from occurring, while preventing your skin from having a shiny appearance. If you want to be sure breakouts don’t happen, carefully read the ingredients in your toner.

Choosing the Best Toner for Combination Skin

It is not a simple process to choose the correct cleansing toner for combination skin. What matters is finding the right toner that treats both your oily and dry skin without forcing you to sacrifice either of them. You have the option of using two different types of toners for your oily and dry areas, or you can use toning water on your entire face to add some moisture to your skin without introducing excess oil. Whichever way you go, be sure your skincare routine addresses your unique needs.

How Your Skin Responds to Toner

As you use toner, be aware of how your skin responds to the product. You might consider applying a small amount of toner to your skin at first to see how it responds. From there, apply as needed.

However, if you do experience any issues with your cleansing toner, you should switch products right away.

How to Get the Most Benefits from Your Toner

Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is unique and how a toner works for one person’s skin will not be the same as for yours. In order to get the most value from your toner, pay attention to what your skin needs from you and provide your skin with the appropriate care. After you begin using toner, observe your skin’s response and adjust your skincare regimen accordingly.

You should know that the right toner will make it possible for your skin to remain healthy and polished. Using cleansing toner is an integral step in your routine for achieving optimally healthy skin.

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