Models are disciplined in a way that their top priority is their well being. All eyes are on them whether that’s on the runway or their on-the-go. Even their Instagram photos are flawless; One might even say that it’s too perfect. Whether their photos are enhanced or not, one thing is for certain. They take care of their body. Still, with stressful routines from the runways, over-worked skin and jet lag, the question is, how are they taking care of their skin?! They manage to do this makeup-free when they’re backstage.

Genetics could be responsible for this and access to the best skin care products out there! Still, models have a secret for their own. So what are some of those secrets that the whole world wants to know?

Steam the Pores to Clear Them Out

After a huge time allotted on runways, models usually like to ease off the make up after a while. With heavy makeup in place, dirt can get stuck on the skin which calls for a deep cleaning. A little facial steam can go a long way. How is this done? Grab a hot bowl of water and add mint tea. Tie your head back and put your face over the bowl. The steam will clear out your skin making it feel light and fresh.

Get Rid of Zits Using Toothpaste

Models suffer from jetlag all the time, and with this comes with a sudden zit! It’s not pretty and they sure wants to get rid of this ASAP! So, what do they do? The classic toothpaste on the zit will do just the trick. Be very careful using this trick as it can dry out the skin.

Follow Your Skin Care Routine

With a lot of things happening throughout the day, models sticks to their nightly skin care routine. The most common one is to remove the makeup with a face wipe. Do it until all the foundation is gone, and there are no more residues on the cloth. After that, use a hydrating cleansing cream to wash the off any dirt that was not taken from the makeup remover. When this is done, focus on the T-zone by using a facial mask or scrub.


Sometimes you just need to rely on natural products to ward off toxins in the skin. So, go with a simple DIY facial mask! One the most popular ones amongst the community is an avocado with honey that helps moisturize the skin.

Be Careful With What You Put in the Body

Some models are gifted in a way that they just wash their face with water. Still, diet is key to maintain a good healthy skin. In many cases, the food you eat is what causes you to break out which is why they tend to avoid salty and sugary food.