Nobody is perfect, coming from the lyrics of many popular songs, especially when it comes to skin. We all have an underlying issue with our complexion that we aren’t happy with, and the standard face wash routine just isn’t cutting it. Luckily we have DIY face masks recipes for some very common skin issues that are sure to give your skin care routine a boost!

Blackhead Removal

Blackheads are tough to get rid of and are one of the most stubborn and annoying zits we get on our faces. These zits seem as if they are buried under the surface of the skin and no matter what face wash we use, they will never go away. With two ingredients, honey and baking soda, you can create an exfoliating mask that will remove blackheads and dead skin cells and cleanse your pores. Just mix two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of baking soda, massage onto your face in a circular motion, then rinse after 15-20 minutes. Do this once or twice a week after face wash.

Skin Brightener

Harsh sun rays, aging spots, and acne scars can cause our skin to become dull and unevenly toned. Face creams to help this issue can cost a ridiculous amount of money so you’d rather just deal with it and cover up with concealer. Turmeric, a typical spice used in curry, is the savior by brightening the complexion of your skin, evening the tone, and helps with scarring/age spots. For this mask, combine three tablespoons of rolled oats for exfoliation, one tablespoon honey, ½ teaspoon of turmeric, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Apply on a freshly washed face, leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with warm water. It may take a couple of rinses to get rid of the yellow tint.

Oily Skin

This skin issue is very problematic. Oily skin causes acne and can make your skin feel gunky and gross. Sometimes a face wash for oily skin can dry out your skin too much, which just flipped the problem instead of fixing it. Bananas, honey, and lemon juice are the perfect trio to attack the oil rigs that rest on your face. It is best to use one ripe banana with two tablespoons of honey, and one tsp of lemon juice. Apply the mask onto the face, leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse with cool water.

Dry Skin

Like oily skin, rough patches and flaky skin are the effects of having dry skin. Itching it to try and make it go away only makes it worse! A nourishing and moisturizing mask made with one tablespoon of brown sugar and one teaspoon of coconut oil is the perfect solution. The brown sugar gently gets rid of dead skin cells while the coconut oil moisturizes the skin back to health. Massage onto your face with fingertips and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.