Did you know that regular exercise helps fight the development of fine lines and wrinkles? It is no surprise that being physically active can increase our endurance and strength. The body begins to decline as a result of aging. Entailed along with that is the diminishing production of collagen as people blame genetics. Interestingly, more research continues to debunk this myth as proper diet and exercise reverse this occurrence.

A team of researchers in Texas conducted a study assessing the benefits of physical activity within seniors, and their findings are astounding:

-A 1989 study concerning people in their 70s observed that those who engaged in regular physical activity regained about 22% of their lost lung capacity in a duration of six months. Additionally, this accomplishment efficiently replaced the exercisers’ full lung function to individuals in their 50s.

-During a 1994 trial, participants who were 75 years or older were able to raise their muscle strength by about 21 percent after regular resistance training for three months. This was theorized by the increase of their muscle fiber sizes.

-40 elderly women worked with weighted vests during physical activity to enhance power, strength, and balance. According to the Galveston authors, the results were astounding as it significantly improved their performance.

What does this all mean? Even if you think it’s difficult to move around, there’s a solution to improve muscle strength.

Regular exercise has heightened benefits to the health. In fact, physical activity can prevent or delay the start of hip fracture, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity, and hypertension. What’s more surprising is that many researchers have concluded that women who spent less than four hours on their feet would double their risk compared to those who are regularly exercising.

A lifetime worth of resistance exercise and regular aerobics is the best policy to stay younger. However, you need to begin this routine as a young adult to reap all the benefits entailed to it.