When it comes to having good skin care regimen, a facial mask should be one of the products every woman should use. When we think of facials, we think of vigilant skin care habits similar to the woman who’s fine lines are not showing up at the ripe age of 40.

In our circle of associates, skin care regimen is important especially when we want to make a good representation of our brand. Some women here have poked fun at the idea of using our facial masks on a long flight or even startling the mailman with them. Nonetheless, we’ve committed ourselves to the line of skin care regardless or whether we apply it in the bathroom or somewhere else.

According to dermatologists, using a mask is one excellent step to skin regimen. And we couldn’t agree more. A mask envelops the skin which works to activate the ingredients to penetrate. Whatever type you have at home, it can extract impurities and get rid of dead skin cells.

Typically, masks are utilized for relaxation and applied for about 10-15 minutes. The duration can go shorter or longer depending on what you use. In fact, some masks work as a hydrating formula for an intensive overnight treatment.

The following are facial mask you should try.

24K Gold Masks

When you’re looking for a secret to nourish your skin’s deep tissues, you can find it in our AGORA 24K Gold Facial Masks. Repair your skin at the first signs of aging with its rejuvenating factors. This mask will relax and replenish your skin as it boosts with minerals and vitamins for a radiant glow.

Clay Masks

Clay masks use a natural component called kaolin clay. Some companies work with them due to their efficacy in absorbing oil, extracting impurities and removing dirt from the pores. They’re usually targetted for the T-zone and areas where acne is prone to appear.