Oh, the weekend! The two days when we enjoy time for ourselves and sulk in nothing but a spa-like experience at the comfort of our home. Facials masks, nail polish and enriching our hair are just some of the things we like to do on a Saturday morning. And what better way is it to be a girly-girl than to read beauty blogs? So, we’ve come up with these fantastic weekend reads for you to enjoy while waiting for your glamorous nail polish to dry!

  1. The Zoe Report came up with these super duper easy way to detox your skin. What is a better way it to get your weekend started with skin feeling extra smooth and rejuvenated?
  2. Ever wondered why facials are still a thing? Well, they have amazing benefits along with them! Benefits such promoting good circulation are some of the things that you’ll get from a facial!
  3. It’s frustrating to look for the perfect bra, isn’t? Well Hairspray and Highheels, came up with a simple guide to find the bra of your dreams! Gone are the days when you’re sitting at home wondering why you ever bought those less-than-perfect pairs!
  4. If you’re thinking about running errands this weekend, purchase some of these age-defying food! Reap some of these benefits along with you as you snack on them while watching a movie, or simply reading beauty blogs!
  5. Enjoying a cup of tea? Did you know that you can incorporate this beverage into your skin care routine? It’s true! It’s great for a tighter and brighter skin! It’s also packed with antioxidants that reduce aging!
  6. Body butters are amazing on the skin making you feel enriched with powerful ingredients to combat aging! Enjoy the amazing benefits that Agora Skin Care has to offer with just a generous slab of cream!

We hope you enjoy these weekend reads! Have a fantastic weekend!