Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that stress is related to adverse health impacts. This can range from insomnia, heart disease to weight gain. Let’s not forget that stress also compromises your digestive and immune system. And when you’re talking about aging, well, that’s another story. You’ve heard that worrying can cause wrinkles and accelerate the process of aging, right? This is true because our body makes a fight-or-flight reaction in which releases stress chemicals to the body– This in turn creates biological changes that may work against us in the long run.

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Damage Cells Related to Work

Did you know that work-related exhaustion can be harmful to the body? It’s true, and our DNA doesn’t lie about it. Candidates who worked in a stressful environment has shorted DNA sections called telomeres. This means that cells become damaged or even perish. Whereas those who weren’t stressed at work tend to have longer telomeres.

Ages the Brain

Chronic stress has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, and it has been shown that women tend to age faster than men. How? It has been concluded that the patterns of gene deactivation and activation seems to progress in women.

Contribution to Unhealthy Lifestyle

Besides bone, chemical and brain changes, stress can contribute to an unhealthy way of life. How? People tend to eat and drink more, and exercise less. Sadly, individuals who are stressed, tend to depend on medication more often than others.

Hearing And Vision Loss

Did you know that the speeding up of heart rate can lead to increased blood pressure? In addition to that, stress hormones are released tampering your hearing and vision loss. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight. With prolonged stress, that’s when you’ll experience the constriction of your blood vessels, and start to undergo hearing and vision loss.