We all know it takes time to apply makeup which is why we’ve come up with some hacks to make it easier for you.

Makeup Hacks to Try

Forget the cheeks, test your foundation on the neck. Our face is constantly exposed to sunlight and breakouts which darken the skin. When you want to know your true complexion, apply your foundation on the neck instead of your cheeks. When you match your foundation with your cheeks, it might look different from your neck making it look unnatural.

The same concealer should not be used for your pimples and undereye. The issue with this is our eyes are lighter than our pimples. When you use your undereye concealer on your pimples, it’ll only highlight the flaw instead of hiding it.

Use layers makeup to hide pimples! You might notice that our pimples still look prominent even after applying concealer and foundation. One way to hide it is by using the following method: use foundation, concealer, and setting powder. By doing this, it will not only hide it, but it will make the bump disappear.

When your skin is oily, do not use cream moisturizer. Some of us are blessed to have natural moisturizers so when that’s the case, use mattifying gel instead. Apply this on the T-zone.

Loose powder will only make your skin look oilier. Having said that, don’t find your oily complexion with loose powder since it only makes it look cakey. Instead, use a clear mattifier. Apply this before and after your put your make up as it gets rid of the shine.

Shimmery products are not for everyone. They’re becoming popular as many stars use it to highlight their skin. However, not everyone is meant to use shimmer products especially when they have oily skin. When this is the case, try blushes, matte bronzers, and concealers to highlight the cheeks. Trust us; it’ll give you the same effect.