When it comes to aging, you want to combat it as often as possible. You try all the skin care and drink plenty of water so you eliminate fine lines the moment they appear. But did you know that whatever appears on the outside has to do with your inside? The following are superfoods you should eat when you want to fight aging.


You want to be a regular user of turmeric because it prevents cancer and it has curcuminoid pigments that stimulate the production of antioxidants in the body. Not only that, but turmeric protects the skin cells and brain cells from damages that free radicals have done. So when you want to slow down fine lines and wrinkles, you want in your pantry!


Eat it as a savory dish or as a dessert. Whatever you do, pack on lots of these bad boys because they’re incredible for the skin. They include good fat that will not only help you lose weight but protect your cells from free radicals. It enhances the mental acuity and vitality to improve the texture of your skin.

Arctic Char

This has all the benefits you can get from salmon but it is made in a controlled farm environment which makes them a preferred choice. It has about the same amount of fatty acids as salmon which inhibits the wrinkle-causing enzymes. With arctic char, you can improve the overall health of your brain and protect it from sun damage.

Green Vegetable Juice

If you love juice, this one is for you! Juicing green vegetable break down the plant’s cell walls so that they absorb quickly into the body. This helps your digestive system work the minimal effort, and it’s the fasted way to infuse vitamins, chlorophyll, oxygen, enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. You definitely want to try this out!